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Recent Issues

September 2006


Clostridium difficile–Associated Diarrhea: A Review and Update on Changes in Disease Virulence and Treatment Response

The authors review the increased incidence of antibiotic-associated diarrhea as well as its pathogenesis, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.
April D. Miller, PharmD, Kelly M. Smith, PharmD, P. Shane Winstead, PharmD, and Craig A. Martin, PharmD

P&T Around the World

Anatomy of a Global Sentinel Event: Vaccine Safety in Vietnam

A mysterious illness in several Vietnamese children sets off an investigation that has worldwide implications for vaccine supply chains and safe handling practices.
Peter G. Teichman, MD, MPA, and Nguyen Tri Doan, MD

Factors Associated with Epoetin Response: Drug Utilization Evaluation

Epoetin alpha (recombinant human erythropoietin) is effective for anemia in patients with chronic kidney disease or cancer, but not all patients respond favorably. The authors sought to predict which patients would be likely to respond before therapy is begun.
Justin Welch, PharmD, BCPS, Matthew Webb, PharmD, Ji Koo, PharmD, and Curt Doetkott, MS

Epilepsy, Prolonged Phenytoin Usage, and Its Effects on Bone

The author explores the interrelationships of calcium, vitamin D, and phenytoin and their effects on bone health in patients with epilepsy.
Alexander Motylev, RPh, PhD

Meeting Highlights

42nd Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology

Cancer progress and a vaccine for vaginal/vulvar cancers are reviewed.
Lawrence M. Prescott, PhD, and Sharon L. Prescott

Pharmaceutical Approval Update: Oncology

Dasatinib (Sprycel), bevacizumab plus IV 5-fluorouracil (Avastin), and topotecan injection (Hycamptin) plus cisplatin are discussed.
Marvin M. Goldenberg, PhD, RPh, MS



STHFT Happens!

David Nash, MD, MBA, discusses the Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and its goal of implementing rational drug therapy in Britain.
David Nash, MD, MBA

Medication Errors

The Virtues of Independent Double-Checks: They Really Are Worth Your Time!

Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP, explains how double-checks by a second person can reduce discrepancies and errors in drug prescriptions and specialized regimens for high-risk patients.
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP

Prescription: Washington

Medication Errors Return to the Forefront: New IOM Report Stresses Unfinished Business

Stephen Barlas takes another look at the Institute of Medicine’s 1999 report, To Err Is Human, and the lack of progress made in reducing medical errors since then.
Stephen Barlas

New Drugs/Drug News/New Medical Devices

P&T presents the latest studies and information about FDA approvals, drug indications, industry updates, and new devices.

Drug Forecast

Fluarix: An Influenza Virus Vaccine

Olga Hilas, PharmD, and Lisa Charneski, PharmD, review Fluarix influenza virus vaccine.
Olga Hilas, PharmD, BCPS, and Lisa Charneski, PharmD, BCPS