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Recent Issues

October 2011


Pharmaceutical Approval Update

Vemurafenib (Zelboraf) for metastatic melanoma, brentuximab vedotin (Adcetris) for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, and icatibant (Firazyr) for acute attacks of hereditary angioedema
Marvin M. Goldenberg, PhD, RPh, MS

Health Care and Law

The Medication-Use Process and the Importance of Mastering Fundamentals

Medication errors often occur because pharmacists are not following the basic principles of prescription filling. In this month’s column, the authors discuss the importance of training, maintaining concentration during the dispensing process, and focusing on the “five rights” to improve safety for patients.
F. Randy Vogenberg, RPh, PhD; and David Benjamin, PhD

Influenza Update

A Review of Currently Available Vaccines

Nine influenza vaccines are currently on the market. The author discusses the various types and dosage forms along with CDC recommendations and considerations for special populations.
Lisa R. Clayville, PharmD

Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising

Therapeutic or Toxic?

The FDA regulates DTC pharmaceutical advertising, but critics say that the rules are too relaxed and inadequately enforced. Although there have been calls to ban the ads altogether, remedies to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks have also been proposed.
C. Lee Ventola, MS


Pharmacists Want a More Explicit Role in ACOs

Medicare’s Hands Are Tied ... at Least Initially

Given the fact that pharmacists already account for significant health care cost savings, there has been a lot of unhappiness about their omission from the ACO experiment.
Stephen Barlas


Medication Errors

Avoiding Problems With Insulin Pens In the Hospital

Avoiding problems with insulin pen injectors in the hospital
Matthew Grissinger, RPh, FASCP

Prescription: Washington

Supreme Court to Rule on Medicaid Cuts to Health Care Providers

California Pharmacists Initiate Lawsuits

The Supreme Court must decide whether pharmacists can challenge state laws, pre-empting federal law, that have reduced Medicaid payments to health care providers.
Stephen Barlas

New Drugs/Drug News/New Medical Devices

FDA approvals, drug indications, and updates

Drug Forecast

Azilsartan Medoxomil (Edarbi)

The Eighth Angiotensin II Receptor Blocker

Azilsartan medoxomil (Edarbi), the eighth angio­tensin II receptor blocker for hypertension
Jocelyn D. Jones, PharmD, BCPS; Sylvia H. Jackson, PharmD, MEd, CDE; Carmen Agboton, PharmD; and Tonya S. Martin, PharmD, CGP, MAEd