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September 23

Another facet of national opioid epidemic?
Treatment improves progression-free survival versus standard chemotherapy
Scientists demystify popular MS drug
Subcutaneous nanoparticles may help control autoimmune disorders

September 22

New study comes amid price-hike furor
Sales staff downplayed drug’s addictive potential, court documents claim
Lantus gets the boot for diabetes
Participants could seek less-costly mix of patients, authors say

September 21

Anorectic drug is administered three times daily
Agency official overrules staff’s protests
Doctors dissatisfied with regulatory/paperwork burdens
Proposals are “unnecessary and ill-advised,” expert says
Once-daily canagliflozin/metformin combo lowers glucose

September 20

DEA sees no medical use for tropical plant
System prevents patient-to-patient contamination
Sensor checks blood sugar every 15 minutes
Agency cites serious adverse events in dose-ranging trial